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    Sneakers Converse
    Look: Sporty and stylish! - 29 August 2018
    A cool and very comfortable look for these autumn days!

    And the fact is that the sport is dominating the most beloved concepts in fashion this spring. The women have decided this time, get off the high heels, and give the sneakers the primacy in their casual outfits and even in some not so casual.

    The most professional styling also embraces athleisure to create more comfortable and at the same time, one hundred percent charming sets. There is no doubt that the innovation between the elegance-sport combo is leaving many without words and has managed to make most women decide to try new things.

    This style that we show you brings the key of comfort for these days, mixed with a dress of brown halftime very simple and that, as dictates the trend, joins a white top that goes under.

    Rachel  Dobbs  - Sporty and stylish! - Sneakers Converse