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    Sweatshirt Philosophy
    If you have been shopping lately or have taken a walk through the stores, I'm sure you've already noticed a predominant trend this spring / summer and that is the clothes with ruffles, but really to who favors this trend?

    I love this trend, it seems an ideal way to turn a simple garment into original, youthful, feminine. In addition, the flyers provide movement and a fun touch to the garments.

    Dressing with ruffles is much simpler than it might seem at first sight, it is not about filling up garments with ruffles from top to bottom but using a garment that takes this detail but without reloading our look so we can wear them naturally.

    When dressing you have to take into account that the flyers are going to provide volume in the area where you use them, now we can find ruffles both in the skirts and in dresses, and in the upper parts of the sleeves, shoulders or chest area , depends on what you want to highlight you will have to choose the garments that carry the flyers in one area or another
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