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    The reason why rose has become a trend is simple: it is a versatile color, its soft and harmonious tone opens the possibilities of combining it with any complement, fabric, material, bright colors or pastels. Pink cake, pink chewing gum, fuchsia ... do you have a favorite? In fact, whatever it is, this season the rose will be in all versions.

    If you are passionate about this color, do not hesitate to bet on clothes that you will use daily as a mid-season coat or a windbreaker. You can also create a total look on occasion. And if you like it, but not in excess, one option is to get accessories such as a handbag or shoes.

    The best thing is that if you choose it in its clarita variety it can act as neutral and be valid for many, many occasions.

    No matter the season, it is a color that will favor you in all its aspects, in clothes, accessories or makeup (it is the basic color for the lips and rouge, do not hesitate).
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